Sunday 26 June 2011

Biogas!!! A good idea.

Visiting Elwak community members taken through how biogas is made and to cook good food without smoke at Nguruman.

Exchange Visit Group in Nguruman

Elwak community members that went for exchange visit took their time in viewing the okra plan that are planted at Nguruman.

Wednesday 27 April 2011

We are Ulimited even beyond Boarders!

Major Abdullahi Guyo of Transitional Federation Government of Somalia accessing internet at Elwak Maarifa Centre. Major Guyo was doing his examination online and came to research further. He was very exited and grateful when he discovered that there is such centre which is willing to help people, he promised to visit the centre again although he is so committed.

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Its NOT as you think!!!

When the name North Eastern Province of Kenya is heard, obvious its not always about development. e.g like crises, early marriages, lack of not educating a girl etc, but its not anymore in Elwak. As seen above ladies are not left behind and a very good example is Lula who said coming to education, there is no difference between her and man, and we say Elwak ladies keep the fire fire burning, courtesy of Elwak Maarifa Centre.

Friday 22 April 2011

What a night?

Elwak Community members turn up in large numbers to view films produced during capacity building at Elwak Maarifa Centre, they enjoyed when they saw some of the members on the show because they dont believe that such things are impossible in the area but they came to believe that everything is possible for the willing heart.  

Visit by District Steering Group(DSG) to Elwak Maarifa Centre:

Mr. Noah Lusaka of ALIN (left) introduces Mr. Ole Tutui the District Commissioner, Mandera Central District(Elwak)(2nd left) and other DSG members to Elwak Maarifa Centre when the group visited the centre. The DC urged the youth to aim for the leadership as the elders in the District are tribal oriented.

How eager the people are for the information at Elwak:

Community members using Elwak Maarifa Centre. The community has being flowing to the centre everyday to have access to the computers and use the available resource to learn what the are lacking, they term themselves as the lucky ones.